Learning To Paint with RL

This problem aims at training an agent to generate paintings using stroke based sequential actions. We plan to break down the given target image into a set number of strokes, using a RL agent, which can generate a painted image. Compare On Policy (PPO) and Off Policy (DDPG) methods for solving the problem. We also aim at incorporating style transfer while painting.


  • Learning to Paint is a complex process and often requires considerable time and effort to master the art
  • Making an AI agent learn how to reproduce an existing painting by decomposing it into a sequence of brush strokes across the canvas.
  • The training process of such an agent does not require any considerable vast experience.
  • The problem statement has multiple applications in real life such as handwriting reproduction, painting restoration etc.
  • Additionally using concepts from neural style transfer, the reward for the agent can be adjusted in order to incorporate style elements from a reference image.

For results, and presentation see this


For training and testing on MNIST

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For training and testing on celeb

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For training Style transfer RL on MNIST

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Style transfer

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Style Transfer on MNIST

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Using DDPG on CelebA

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Using PPO on MNIST

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Version Info

Version : 1.0.0